it’s not what it is, it’s what you do with it

If you are using a rather old computer (which means 2 – 4 year and up) you may have a problem running windows vista or windows 7.

Because of all the new features, specially the visual effects, it may be that your computer runs a bit slow. However, you can actually make your computer perform better. Well not actually unless you install new hardware, but you do something about the performance of the OS you are running.

There are a few options…

  1. Downgrade: if you are running windows vista you could downgrade to windows XP. This version of windows requires less memory and cpu.
  2. Pick another flavour: there are a lot of operating systems. Like linux for example.. most versions are free and there really are a lot of different distribution. Allow me to show you a few..Open Suse:

    Fedora core:


  3. Tweaking: If you are not that into tech (and that’s no insult) there are also a few easy things you can do to tweak your computer. Here are a few simple tweaks for Windows 7
    This will be a simple process that consist of disabling a few services.
    For starters.. Click start >> right click ‘My computer’ >> select manage  >> Services & Applications >> Services 

    Here you can find all the services which are available. And it is also here that you can define which should be started, stopped or disabled.
    A service can be anything… For example, there is a service which check if there are new devices plugged into the pc ( like a USB drive)…

    Anyway, there are also a few services which can be disabled since you won’t be using them. These can be set to MANUAL safely (you do this by double clicking the service and select MANUAL from the drop downbox, then click OK)
    * Application Experience
    * Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (If you don’t want to use the fancy windows vista + 7 Aero theme)
    * Diagnostic Policy Service
    * Distributed Link Tracking Client
    * IP Helper
    * Offline Files
    * Portable Device Enumerator Service
    * Print Spooler (If you don’t have printer you can disable this one)
    * Protected Storage
    * Remote Registry (Always disable it for Security purposes)
    * Secondary Logon
    * Security Center
    * Server (If your computer is not connected to any network)
    * Tablet PC Input Service
    * TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    * Themes ( If you use Windows Classic theme)
    * Windows Error Reporting Service
    * Windows Media Center Service Launcher
    * Windows Search (If you don’t use Windows Search feature frequently)
    * Windows Time (If you don’t want to update system tray clock time using Internet)

These process won’t use memory anymore, less memory used, more memory available for other things…

If you need a list of services you can safely disable for windows xp and vista, please let me know. I’ll send you a list (and I promise I won’t send you any spam :P)…

Good luck!


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