I got a question from someone about excel. Can you make some graphs pivot tables with microsoft office excel?

Well.. ofcourse you can, that’s excel all the way ;-)…

Here is how…

Suppose you have an excel sheet with your data in it

Now create a second tab. And select from the ‘data’ menu on top ‘PivotTable and Pivot Chart Report’
Select microsoft excel list or database (I assume you want to build an analysis on data which is already available in your workbook and not from an external source)
Also pick pivottable

The next window will allow you to select your datarange (which should be the data which is already present in your previous tab).
(Forgive me the foreign language of some of the screenshots but I haven’t got an english version of excel :P)
Now, navigate to the page where your data is and select all the data you want to use as following:

Click next. Select the page where you want to add the pivot table. I picked current page cell A1. Then click Finish

The result should be something like this

Now all you have to do is drop the fields in the sections where you want to see them.
(I dropped type in columns, month in rows and qty in the datarange)

Et voila :-)



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