One of the most difficult things to pick for your new computer system is the graphics card or gpu.

They come in all sizes, flavours, colours, etc… But which is the one you should pick?

Well there are a few basics which you can take into account.

Before I explain these things it may be best that I give a small introduction. Did you notice that when people are talking about a gpu you will always hear something about either ATI or NVIDIA.
Every wondered what the difference is? As with a lot of things in the fascinating world of ICT, it’s quite simple really.

ATI and NVIDIA are just 2 companies which both create graphics chips (and yes there are also others). They both manage to create very competing technology.
Keeping this in mind, this means that is it very hard to say which chip from which company is better. Truth being said, it will take quite some time to figure out which GPU will suit your needs.

A few things you should know…

It’s great that your GPU has lots of memory but if your system doesn’t cannot coop with all of this power. Keep your RAM and CPU in sync. General rule of building a computer, try to find balance in your hardware.

Besides that it is very important to know which chip is mounted on the gpu. The type, vendor and one of the strangest things I will probably ever tell you: the extension of the name of the GPU. Thinks like GT, GTX, GS tell a lot about the card and what is “special” about it. You can easly google the extension of ever the name of the GPU to find out how it performs.

Keep an eye out on how much fps (frame per second) the GPU can handle. You can see about 25 fps but a good gpu can handle about 60 fps. The more fps it handle the more performent it will be.

Also very important: if you have a top of the bill GPU which incredible performance and a hugh load of memory make sure you computer’s power supply can handle it! Some of these cards really suck a large amount of energy and your power supply should be up for the challenge!

And if you really want to go all the way you may want to consider to set up a SLI (scalable link interface) system. This was first introduced by NVIDIA. What you do is, you buy 2 (yes indeed 2)  SLI approved GPUs and you link them to each other so they can work together. No need to say that this will give extreme performance.
This is however a rather complicated matter, specially once it comes to combining 2 GPUs. Easiest way to go is just to buy 2 the exact same GPUs (but, be honest, where is the fun in that ;-)).

If you have an older computer (+6 years) your GPU will probably be in an AGP slot. This has been the standard for quite some time. However this was replaced by PCI-x. A slot which can handle requests faster.

No need to say that SLI requires 2 PCI-x slots.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions


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