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Time for some tech talk!

Did you notice that since a while there are 3 types of Intel CPUs which seem very alike?

The intel core i3, i5 and i7… Did you ever wonder what the difference is between these cpus? Well besides the, almost gigantic, difference in price.
As the names of the processors imply the general difference between them is performance. i7 is, to put it in such terms, better than i5 and i5 is better than i3.

However either one of these types of cpus are rather good. It just depends on what you are planning to achieve.

Intel core i3:
This is the “cheapest” processor. It’s actually a budget processor, as you may suspect this means that this cpu will perform the least.
If you are planning to build a pc or a laptop for “normal” use like text processing, websurfing, etc, this cpu will suit your needs.

Intel core i5:
This type of cpu is noticably more performant than the i3 cpus. Each of these cpus come in different types. This type comes in 2 main types. The dual core and the quad core, no need to say that the quad core cpu will be the superior one.

If you are planning to do some basic gaming, video editing, picture editing and so forth, this cpu is a good choice. Ideal for multi tasking and some harder office work ;-).

The cost of this processor will be significantly higher than the i3 versions.

Intel core i7:
The most expensive, most performant cpu of these 3.

This processor is ideal for extreme gaming, video editing and so on. If you combine this with some good RAM and GPU you should have a top of the bill computer. Each cpu supports hyper-threading which means that when you have quad core processor you can handle 8 threads simultaniously (yes there are also dual core versions).

If you can put yourself in either one of these 3 categories you can easly pick the correct processor which will suit your needs!


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